Please help me help horses and their owners

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I’m not usually very good at asking for assistance, but am trying to grow (in more ways than one), so here goes:

This is probably a first for this blog in terms of requesting anything besides more cognizant approaches to horse breeding, care, handling and training methods. Now I need you.

Let’s celebrate horse happiness together

This blog is just over a year old now (can you believe it?). Do you have ideas on how we can celebrate this milestone? Please brainstorm away in your comments below or through personal e-mails to me. Also, feel free (please) to point anyone to this blog that you think may enjoy or benefit from the free content. Look for our free newsletter launch in the coming weeks and please sign up (and tell your friends about it).

Horse Sense and Cents

As most of you probably know, we launched the Horse Sense and Cents™ book series this year. Our authors are people who want to give back after enjoying an equine career that has been helped by the kindness and wisdom of others along the way. They are also determined to provide honest comment on their experiences and share mistakes made to help you avoid the learning curve they may have suffered the hard way. These contributors do this because they care about the horses and people who may be challenged with issues beyond their scope. Interestingly, equine professionals are embracing the series concept and implementing ideas and tips provided in the first book (it was created largely in response to the angst so many inexperienced horse owners were facing after being left twisting in the wind – and, of course, the pain we’ve seen horses put through due to misunderstandings) with good results to problems they have struggled with for some time. Novices are getting it too, and we’ve included a glossary as a feature for every book to explain terms that may be confusing to make understanding a lot easier for less seasoned equestrians.

These books are designed to be a fun read for all with easy to implement ideas to experiment with on a particular horse. This comes from an anecdotal approach throughout so readers can enjoy the stories and see how certain equines have responded to what we humans may throw at them. Bulleted points are also featured at the end of core chapters to cull out key issues to consider as training prompts. So many have found good intentions turn to frustration by trying to follow formula approaches that rarely work well with every horse. We hope we’ve provided a better path toward horse and human happiness and are planning a lot more for the Horse Sense and Cents™ initiative. You won’t get pat answers claiming to solve all your problems, but you will get ideas on how you can learn to read, respond to and connect with your horse in ways you may not have imagined. We also feature an entire section that draws from the vast knowledge of respected discipline professionals from around the globe with some real characters and a good number of highly respected international players.

Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners

“Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners” is now available via Ingram, Amazon, our website (the shopping cart is at but you can also get to it through the site – simply click on the books icon at the top) and distributors in the EU and UK. We’ll be making e-books available in at least three formats in the coming weeks. Please tell your friends and colleagues about this book and encourage them to check it out. They can see excerpts on the blog (under the category of ‘Books’ and ‘Turning Sneak Peeks’) for free. We want to get this book into people’s hands because we think it could start (along with other plans) a revolution that makes life better for the horses and people in their lives. This is true of all books planned for the series. This initiative is a passion for all involved – we’re trying to reach people with horses before they suffer consequences they may not be able to reverse.  “Bringing Up Baby” by Robert Fera is in the works, along with “Don’t Get Thrown Starting Under Saddle.” We also have two exciting titles planned in the next year that break the mold relative to equine activities that we’ll announce once we get closer to publication.

Will you help?

Please tell your friends, colleagues, family, business partners and networks about this blog, the books and our plans to create a movement. Ever wanted to be at the forefront as a trend-setter? Now’s your chance J.


Nanette Levin, publisher

P.S. Call (888) 875-3551 or (585) 554-4612 if you want a personal message in a book signed by the author. We’re also in the process of setting up the shopping cart on the website to not only deliver signed books with a personal message, but also include gift notes for orders for others.

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