Learn from horses for better people skills

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“As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” —Andrew Carnegie

You can’t buffalo a horse, and this is good training for dealing with people. It is funny how age breeds wisdom (at least with those open to new ideas and experiences).

If you’re having trouble getting your horse to listen (the voice isn’t a natural teaching tool for horses anyway), think about how what you do affects their behaviour.

Are you nervous, scared or impatient around your horse? Don’t expect them to be calm, confident and relaxed.

The same holds true for your people connections.

The next time you’re having trouble communicating with your peers, boss, subordinates or co-workers, go back to the barn and take a lesson.

Horses are honest. If you’re willing to hear what they tell you, you’ll learn that what you do has a much bigger impact than what you mean. Take heart and apply some of these teachings to your human interactions and you may find you become a much better communicator.

Of course, the rewards you reap from being able to “hear” your horse by listening to what he’s telling you about you communication inadequacies will also make your handling, riding and training experiences all the richer. Now, go enjoy the ride with new understanding on how to show what you mean.

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