This winter a young gelding came into Halcyon Acres® for starting under saddle training that presented a host of challenges. He was dangerous to himself and the people around him because of the way he processed (or didn’t) information.

His reactions to imperceptible stimuli were explosive, yet he’d handle things with ease that would freak out a typical young horse.

It was obvious he was a kind horse, but that didn’t reduce the angst whe

3 Responses

  1. What a great story! This would make such a fantastic movie! I don’t train horses, but I see lessons here for how we treat other people, especially children. If you try to understand them and figure out what soothes them when they are upset, you will be much more effective than if you just give up and get upset yourself.

    Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story with us!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Carolyn. It’s funny, I don’t think you could ever teach a horse to do some of the things this unusual character does (to depict him in a movie), but agree he’d be a marvelous watch. In fact, I was talking today with the trainer about how he makes stuff up to cope or understand at almost every turn – and so long as you’re willing to work with him on his invented cues or stated needs, he’ll do anything for you. And the weird stuff he picks up on – had to laugh the other day when he realized he had a different set of polos on his legs (same stuff, but to him, it wasn’t).