Horse and human help for making your first off-property ride a success

It can be nerve-wracking for anyone (professionals included) to venture off the property with a horse for the first time. This becomes more challenging for novices who don’t have the benefit of drawing from decades of experience. Know you’re not alone – everyone has some doubts, anxiety and excitement associated with that first public appearance. […]

Quick tips on using the herd members (or mentality) to correct bad behavior

Some of the most common challenges that people talk about year after year involve issues that are often more easily resolved with horse thinking and/or other horses. You can learn a lot from what horses try to teach you – and if you let them, they’ll lend a big hand in schooling the imps and […]

Quick Tips on “hearing” with horses

Horses don’t speak our language, but they make it pretty easy to understand theirs. A good number even try hard to interpret messages that aren’t responsive to their style, but want to please so much, they figure out what you want and do it anyway. Being sensitive to simple to read horse cues and using […]

Quick Tips for budget conscience horse care

Today’s economy is making it tough own a horse. There are some easy ways you can cut costs and still keep your equine companion happy. Think about how you can reduce expenses with a sound strategy to keep your horse healthy. Graze your horse Even if you don’t have the land or the boarding facility […]

Quick Tips on Horses and Wood

Chewing Having trouble with your horse chewing on wood? Depending on where the problem is, there may be some things you can try. In the stall, consider adding a ball or a jug hung from the ceiling. He may be bored. Sometimes a solution of cayenne pepper diluted in water on the offending areas can […]

Top Ten horse health care items to spend your money on:

10. A thermometer 9. Betadine® Scrub 8. Novalsan® cream 7. Properly fitting tack for riding horses 6. A good blacksmith 5. A hoof pick 4. Annual fecals 3. Good quality hay and/or grass 2. A good equine vet And the number one item any horse owner of any means can afford and implement to prevent […]

Quick Tips – Horse Care

Stone Bruises? Try using a 10% Iodine solution on the soles of the feet. It’s best to wear gloves as this will stain and some find it to be irritating to the skin. Apply twice a day for the first four days or so and you should see a much more comfortable horse. You can […]