Horse conference brought women businesses together in Kentucky

Last week, I had the pleasure of heading down to The Bluegrass State for an event designed for women with equine-related companies. What struck me is how kind, open and inviting most of the attendees of this gathering sponsored by the Women’s Horse Industry Association were.

Grand Prix Jumping

It’s hard not to be awestruck by the athleticism of horses competing on the Grand Prix circuit. This is a fun video that shows a group of guys hamming it up to clear the height without the benefit of a horse beneath them. To get a little personal for a moment, I did track […]

Losing Client or members with your policies?

It’s amazing how many stupid rule decisions get made without considering the associated costs of annoying clients. If you’re an equine professional, selling to the small business market or a horse membership organization decision maker do you think about the customers’ reactions with efficiency or protection ideas? Today’s talkative social media environment demands you confirm […]

Seven horse tips for winter fun

Seven tips for making winter weather a great time to get horsey There’s so much to do at the farm on any given day, but when footing or blustery conditions cause us to choose to stay out of the saddle, there’s still an opportunity to spend time with horse scents and activities that allow us […]