Horse humor – add jokes for us all to enjoy

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Pro Equine Grooms did a fun feature (apparently four years ago, but I just saw the repost recently) with a starter question “What’s your best bad joke about horses?” Liv Gude offered her horse  humor – “A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says ‘why the long face’?”. What resulted were some hilarious replies to the challenge. Below are two of my favorites. Provided by Vickie Bullock Cozzens Champion Jockey on a New Horse A champion jockey is about…

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Horses (and the dumb things people do with them) will make you laugh

There have been a couple of mornings when the wind is fierce and the temperatures low that all horses are enjoying the comfort inside the run-ins. Most days, though, a number of herd members have decided these new additions to their living quarters are an ideal lavatory. I’m getting ready to hang signs to re-label all the run-ins ‘outhouses.’

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Top Ten signs your horse has driven you to madness

10. You spend more on your horse than you do on your kids 9. Mud and manure on your clothing are considered, in your mind, a cute accessory 8. You love to cuddle with your horse and resent all the clean up time required for your spouse 7. Your instructor, your family and your dogs are afraid of your horse, but you continue to defend him as you’re brushing dirt off your backside, treating bite and kick wounds and focusing…

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