Is it cruel to give a horse a job? Have you tried asking your horse about that?

Friday’s Opinion Horses’ rights advocates There’s been a lot of discussion and controversy worldwide about a variety of horse riding and working disciplines with some groups clamoring for laws and practices that change the way horses are “used.” PETA is trying to lead a bandwagon aimed at banning carriage horses. Groups fostering a movement to […]

Quick Tips for budget conscience horse care

Today’s economy is making it tough own a horse. There are some easy ways you can cut costs and still keep your equine companion happy. Think about how you can reduce expenses with a sound strategy to keep your horse healthy. Graze your horse Even if you don’t have the land or the boarding facility […]

Horse feed costs out of control? Consider grazing.

It took me a long time to realize that it’s not cruel to put domesticated horses out on grass. Silly, I know, but grain and hay ration precepts were drilled into my head from an early age. Insight from others, including a good number of vets, made me realize good pasture is a whole lot […]

Top Ten horse health care items to spend your money on:

10. A thermometer 9. Betadine® Scrub 8. Novalsan® cream 7. Properly fitting tack for riding horses 6. A good blacksmith 5. A hoof pick 4. Annual fecals 3. Good quality hay and/or grass 2. A good equine vet And the number one item any horse owner of any means can afford and implement to prevent […]

What to do about worming?

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about worming. Concern is mounting that prior regular and constant worming protocols are creating scavengers that are resistant to parasite control products. Today, most vets that are keeping current are recommending horse owners invest in fecal exams. These should be preformed two times a year – in the […]

Quick Horse Tips

The bugs have been terrible this season. Any horse that it is outside during daylight hours is likely a magnet for the insect brigade. Even well protected horses seem to be more bothered this year than most by rashes, itches and flaking. Here are a couple of ideas that may save you some money and […]