Twelve quick tips for safer horse boarding

If you’re used to taking care of your own horse, it can be a challenge to place his care in the hands of another. Leaving a horse at a remote facility can be even tougher. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. Others view boarding as a standard feature of horse ownership and assume the owners […]

Six Quick Tips for identifying mares in season

Some mares are more obvious than others, but if you’re trying to get a clear read on cycling for breeding, it helps to get to know your mare so you can time ultrasounds and/or better schedule live breeding to save money in this challenging economy. If you’re seeing pink snow in the paddocks, at least […]

Is the horse economy in the tank?

Friday’s Opinion Politics aside, it’s been a challenge for many equine operations focused on commerce and profitability this year. I’ve always been a big believer in attitude shaping results. Collective cries of woe can be even more dangerous than individual negative thinking for your business. Admittedly, this year has been tougher than most for me […]

Horse breed associations – who needs them? Friday’s Opinion

People look for a lot of different things from the breed associations they belong to. Member benefits become such an issue of contention  – on what they should be and whether they work – that often the really big picture gets lost. Every breed organization is focused on survival of the organization and continuance of […]