Building a horse business around a custom tack idea

Inventing your horse career with custom tack business

This is the second part of an interview with Natasha Raina of Two Horse Tack. If you missed Sunday’s post, find out what fun she’s having with horse business success here. Read this prior horse blog post if you want to know why Natasha started her business, what beta biothane is or how she can […]

More horse blogs worth checking out

It can be tough to find good horse blogs. These are some we recommend you take a look at if you’re interesting in finding news of note. We’ve taken the time to review the sites and provide summaries below.  Hope you enjoy these finds as much as we did. This is a website home […]

Horse blogs worth checking out Paul Sherland does this for pure fun – and it shows. I don’t agree with his benchmark for mature riders  (over forty years old – I resemble that remark, but sure don’t consider myself mature), but he does offer some great input on equipment, mindset, activities and tips for older riders who may have […]

Horse blogs worth checking out

As noted earlier this month, we’re going to devote Thursdays featuring horse blogs we’ve found interesting, useful or curious for as long as you give us ideas to consider. We’ll provide a brief summary (with some opinion) and pointer to those we highlight. If you have a horse blog you like, or want us to […]

Horse Blogs that offer some Horse Sense and Cents

Long before we began to formulate how to best focus the Horse Sense and Cents™ blog, we set out to find what others were doing. While, admittedly, tech savvy isn’t our strongpoint, it was incredibly challenging finding blogs that provided useful, consistent, interesting and relevant equine material. We signed up for all kinds of Google […]