Horse women of WHIA are incredible

The comical scenarios began before the event when an exhibitor showed up with a 700 LB horse (it might have been easier getting him into the place if he was live – he wasn’t).

Horse Sense offers insight on how not to market equine enterprises

Friday’s Opinion Why do some marketers still feel being an aggressive, hostile and avoided herd member is a good thing? Sadly, the very old-school, two-by-four, forget-about-the-audience culture, sell, sell, sell, in-your-face approach is becoming common on some of the social media sites that used to be immune. How can intimidating your buyers into compliance and/or […]

Find equine businesses in your neighborhood

Tim Van Loan launched in July of 2008. It’s an interesting concept borne from personal challenges. While he’s still working on gaining critical mass to make it a regular destination for buyers, he has created some useful tools for those tired of trying to compare horse services and products. Horse Sense and Cents for […]

What you’ll find in Turning Challenging Horses Into Willing Partners

Excerpt from Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners due for release winter, 2010 Table of Contents Glossary Section I: Starting from a position of knowledge Chapter 1: The Challenge Chapter 2: Identifying the root of the challenge Section II: Developing a work plan Chapter 3: Working with scared horses Chapter 4: Turning mean to green […]