Do you know your Western boots?

Know your horse boot differences

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Geoff Hineman, Marketing Manager for Lone Star Western Décor, approached me about a month ago asking me to post a western boot infographic on the Horse Sense and Cents blog. Frankly, I don’t have a lot of experience in the Western world (a bit of team penning – now that’s fun! – and a Wyoming client roundup ride – but that’s about it), so found what I learned from this visual interesting. Hopefully some of you will too.

To boot ;-), I hadn’t heard of Lonestar Western Décor, so figured I’d check them out. They have some fun stuff on their website. If you like turquoise and decorative or furniture items that have a distinctive western flair, you might have some fun getting lost in their store. It looks like a warehouse operation akin to Wayfair or Overstock, but smaller and more niche oriented, but I don’t know. Could be a good place for holiday gift shopping for some of you. I haven’t ordered anything from them yet (but am eyeing an item or two), so can’t speak to the customer service or quality experience.

I’d do a call out to y’all in Texas to ask about your experience with them, but, curiously, the mailing address on the website is in Oklahoma. There is no about page, so I can’t give you much on their history or culture.

Still, I think you’ll have some fun with this infographic – even if it’s just for bragging rights on footwear know how.

Western boot infographic to help you know the differences


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