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Do you dream of a job with horses in the mix? Find out how successful professionals in the United States and Canada created jobs that fuel their equine passion. We’re working on getting all the titles available on Amazon with plans to also make them available as MP3s through iTunes, Audible, etc., and will provide updates here as these published. These titles are longer than our e-booklets, but quicker read than a full-length book. Perfect for a friend, kid, mom or you as a gift that could change a life.

Here’s who’s talking (this is a transcribed version of the one-hour CD interview) – just click the links to get to the Kindle Edition:

Mary Ann Simonds, a credentialed and respected equine behaviorist, gives a rich historic perspective on her experience with horses, from early days as a youth communicating more deeply than others seemed to be able to do, through mustang advocacy well before the topic was popular to her activities today as a catalyst for consciousness. She shares how she literally created new college study disciplines and tons of great tips on getting into the business.

L.A. Pomeroy is an hysterical award-winning journalist, equine publicist and copy writer. Her stories of covering the Olympics, breaking into the media scene, discovering better ways to to shine and rich tips for anyone who has dreamed of combining writing and horses will make you chuckle, smile, nod and get eager to go out there and do it.

Denny Emerson has done it all on the back of a horse. He’s been an Olympic eventer, endurance rider, trainer, instructor facility owner and most recently, author. Imagine eventing at the Preliminary Level or higher for 50 consecutive years. Denny did that. He shares how times have changed in the eventing world along with ideas on how to make it as a professional rider, instructor and trainer.

Christy Landwehr has forged new ground on the association management front. She’s currently CEO of Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and a dynamo in the equine industry. If you’re dreams include giving back through the not-for-profit section, Christy provides some great insight on some dos and don’ts for making this so.

Reaching Alpha Horses

Alpha horses are mostly misunderstood. The idea of positioning yourself as an alpha herd member in the way some celebrated trainers are suggesting these days will cause many horses to distrust you and either shut down completely (with blind obedience and/or a brain disconnect that puts them in a vacant state) or choose to avoid you when given the option. Most domesticated horses allowed to select who they will follow gravitate toward a calm and confident leader who rarely demands respect (they earn it without getting nasty). Instead, these chosen stalwarts assert their dominance only when other group members act in ways that seriously disrupt the herd’s comfort or compromise their safety.

If you’re find yourself with challenges involving a horse you believe is an alpha, this e-booklet should help you find new ways to reach your horse to build a partnership that exceeds your expectations. It’s not about dominance. Finding a path that fosters understanding and mutual respect customized in a way that builds a lasting rapport will leave you smiling as your horse strives to exceed expectations.

Some of the content in this e-booklet is drawn from the Turning Challenging Horses Into Willing Partners book, but much is new and fresh.

Consider how special your relationship with your alphas horse could be with some easy to understand and implement ideas to reach him on his terms.

Bringing Home an Off-the-Track Thoroughbred

This e-booklet takes you through selecting, transitioning, understanding, riding and reaching the OTTB in a way that has you smiling as he strives to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re hitting the backside in search of a purchase, considering a rescue, chasing a free offer or approaching a trainer who’s started the work for you, the tips contained in this e-booklet will help you ask the right questions, know what to look for, understand potential issues and recognize a true find. Learn how to interpret racing records for possible soundness issues. Get smart about how you help your horse wind down from his former career and gear up for your goals. Understand how your riding cues may be misinterpreted by your horse as you ask for slow and he hears go. Enjoy a richer partnership than you may have imagined with some easy ideas for smoothing the transition for both of you.

Most former racers want a job that allows them to exceed. Once you understand how their trained and wired, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish together.



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New for 2013 – audio books from Horse Sense and Cents

If you prefer listening to books (all full-length titles will be available here soon as well) rather than reading them, you can now find the Alpha title on iTunes and Amazon as well as most of your favorite online audio retailer sites. Bringing home and off-the-track Thoroughbred is available too – please contact Horse Sense and Cents® if you need help finding either of these titles.