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Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners

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An engaging, fun and instruction guide with practical ideas to solve even the most frustrating equine problems. In this personable guide, equine professional Nanette Levin illustrates how to get smart, safe and creative when working with your horse. Her positive advice – from how to listen to your horse to crafting a communications and training plan he will embrace – is appropriate for novices and professionals alike. Through real-world case studies, Levin demonstrates that “problem horses” are often created by humans, and shows how, with a keen eye and a responsive attitude, anyone can communicate effectively with his horse. In the tips from the professional trenches section, international experts from a variety of disciplines offer opinions, stories, insight and ideas for turning difficult horses into eager pleasers and exceptional performers. Readers will enjoy experiencing these true stories, putting the tips into action, and turning their horses into willing and able partners.



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