Lisa Derby Oden

Lisa Derby OdenWhen you utter Lisa’s name in equine business circles, everyone knows her for her business savvy, level-head and kindness. She’s championed a number of successful initiatives because she’s one of these gals that’s true to her word and serious about her commitments.

Lisa Derby Oden, MS, has been involved with horses throughout her life. Early in her career, she owned and operated a riding stable and worked as freelance riding instructor. She brings that practical experience to her consulting practice.

Now she combines her love of horses with business savvy through Blue Ribbon Consulting. The firm offers business and nonprofit development support in the equine industry. This includes evaluation, planning, research, marketing, and problem-solving guidance. Lisa’s received state and national honors for her work in the equine industry. She has also been a nonprofit founder, board member, and executive officer for local, state and national organizations. Lisa has published two books, has been a columnist and freelance writer for many horse trade publications, and is a partner in “Inventing Your Horse Career” CD series.

Nanette Levin

Nanette LevinYou can usually find Nanette involved in something that’s designed to help lift the underdog. In business, she spent decades as a small business advocate at the State and national level helping to ensure these firms finally got some respect. With horses, she’s become known for her ability to reach horses others deem difficult as well as her skill in helping young horses shine. She has a keen understanding of Thoroughbreds, bred Irish Draught Sport Horses, and is quick to understand what a horse may be trying to say. 

Nanette Levin founded a marketing firm in 1989, which is now know as the Wordsmith of Roanoke. Designed to leverage creative and cost-effective solutions for small business and not-for-profits, the company was helping the little guy prosper and thrive long before this was a popular notion.

The horse bug held on through her youth and into adulthood, where she spent decades managing a 100+ acre horse farm while running the marketing firm.

She created Horse Sense and Cents® to combine her horse and writing passions. The initiative has grown to include books, e-booklets, audio books, e-coaching, advocacy work, and the Inventing Your Horse Career series.