Linda Hauck, inventor of Spursuader

Linda Hauck is an entrepreneur that went from prototype to international player in less than two years – and is a great example of how you can build a successful horse-related business quickly, with flair.
After working with off-the-track Thoroughbreds for many years, Linda realized the traditional Prince of Whales spur was too harsh to get the response she was looking for from this hot-blooded breed. She figured there must be a better solution after witnessing pinned ears, tail swishing, teeth grinding and even heels flying with light contact. So she set out to invent something kinder and gentler and came up with what is now known as Spursuader.

Camilla and Mercy on course with Spursauders

What’s amazing about her story is that in a matter of months after pulling the first product off the manufacturing line, she secured a distributor with a long history and huge reach in Europe. Six months after that, she was signed on the spot with an Australian distributor with 40 stores. Today, she travels the world, picking up distributors and fans in new countries every month. This product was invented in 2009. What fun for her – and anyone who has adopted her product to improve their horse’s performance. She’s attracted the attention from a variety of skills levels and disciplines including Olympic riders, trail riders, extreme cowboys, dressage riders, eventers, hunters and those that just want to have fun. More recently, she created the Tapestry Comfort Girth, which has been met with enthusiasm.  

Joris Vanspringel of Belguim riding Lully des Aulnes at Badminton Horse Trials in 2011. Linda had no idea the Belguim riders had discovered her product when a client attending her event gave her a call and told her about the sighting.

Spursuader product testimonials:

“Please accept my sincere gratitude to you for developing this new gentle spur. Your willingness to 1) recognize the harsh nature of an Equine product then make the change and 2) stepping out with a new product takes courage and says worlds about your personal spirit. Although changing how many people still brutalize horses in the name of sport & performance has a long way to go this is a huge step in the right direction. Your awareness is appreciated by many.”

Melinda Barrington
Equestrian Division, Cobalt Premier Properties, TN

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