Inventing Your Horse Career title and CD box

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Do you dream about horses? Or does someone you love?

This exciting and unusual audio CD collection offers an insider’s glimpse into the lives of people who have created impressive careers with horses in the mix.

“This is such a gift to people. I can just feel it fingering out into the world and helping a lot of people, and shifting what we’re doing with careers and consciousness, and inspiring and EMPOWERING people to follow their passion.”
~ Mary Ann Simonds

Consider how you could flourish with expert input on:

  • Horse career paths you’ve never considered – or heard of
  • Secrets others have discovered in their phenomenal success
  • What’s involved in the day-to-day of a horse career life?
  • Direct access to tools, ideas, resources that have helped others achieve success
  • Humble, honest and revealing commentary on success journeys and equine industry experiences
  • Mistakes made and lessons learned the hard way
  • Greatest horse career accomplishments and how they came to be
  • Ideas, tools, and tactics to help you start Inventing Your Horse Career today

Isn’t it time to make dreams come true? Give someone you love (including yourself) a gift that can change a life.