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Looking for equine travel vacations?

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This gal can write. Nancy D. Brown draws her content mostly from personal experience (and an international array of destinations) with no qualms about recounting great memories along with where her trip fell short of expectations. She’s a professional travel writer, and it shows in this blog. The user-friendly and appealing design includes pictures, a good archive list and enough information for anyone considering a horseback riding travel destination to get pointed in the right direction for what you seek.  It should also give the more spontaneous crowd some good ideas for a new adventure that may not have ever been otherwise considered. She even spices up content a bit with an occasional political feature concerning equine related destination decisions. This is a relatively new blog (started in July 2009, but not launched until September), but she’s provided a good dozen destination posts since then and is keeping it regularly updated.  If you’ve ever thought about including riding as part of your vacation plans, this is a worthwhile site to visit prior to making plans.

Probably more than you wanted to know about hoofs

This blog includes some technical information, but also easy to understand videos and some opinion pieces. Fran Jurga focuses mainly on hoof care and concerns, but also covers other issues related to horse physiology and other issues. There’s also a lot of interesting videos and other information here that you won’t likely see elsewhere. She updates the blog almost daily and offes a wide range of interesting and educational information for just about any level or discipline equestrian.  This is a fact-filled, interesting, fun and diverse blog that’s definitely worth checking out.

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