Today, we feature three horse-related sites that focus on training and equine issues. All are professionally designed, include photos and/or video and offer timely information. Two are free blogs and one is a fee-baseed membership site, but it offers enough sample video and article fodder to visitors to make the trip worth the time. These are three very different approaches to the adressing issues in the horse world, but I hope you’ll find each equally interesting and engaging.

Through the Eyes of Equus is Katelyn Kent’s blog and website featuring training tips and ideas from riding through liberty work. She’s in the process of revamping the site and has culled down the blog to now include only training related posts, but has committed to new posts twice a week. Past posts included a lot interesting and sometimes controversial perspectives, and hopefully, as she refocuses this content, the former candid style will emerge again. This Colorado-based clinician has a fairly vast equine understanding to draw from with a focus on solutions guided by her concern to consider the horse’s perspective.  Photos and/or videos are included to help illustrate each blog post.

Reisa Bonetti has developed an equine member-based site that provides primarily video tutorials related to dressage techniques, judging, training and riding. Visitors can view sample films (that are primarily snipets of what is provided to paid members), learn a bit about some of the standout players she’s indentified in the industry (world-wide) and gain access to the articles in the Community Connection. This isn’t a blog per-se, but some of the sample videos are useful tutorials.

This is a pretty good summary of equine news of note with a good deal of opinion included by Corinne Mehas. Posts are generally brief, pointed and timely. In addition to calling out issues regarding horse politics and initiatives, Corinne also sports some excellent links on the blog sidebar for useful horse blogs and equine industry organizations.

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