Horses and pressure – how about making it parley?

The idiom is used so freely these days, it’s become the catch-all to most horse problems (simply apply or release). I don’t like the term pressure because it implies force and is too nebulous in its overuse. A better concept to grasp (and it accomplishes a better end) is listening.

9 quick tips to catch a horse

Use the lead mare to help direct the herd. This isn’t necessary the one most would classify as the alpha (aggressive and hostile with the herd), but, instead, the one you see all others following. Moving horses to another location, bringing them to the barn, or catching a selected equine is a lot easier once you have the lead horse in hand.

Somtimes horses are just plain crazy

Sneak Peak excerpt from Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners. Due for public release in 2010. Red Red came to us after having been “broke” by a girl who had little experience and less heart. She gave up after this four-year-old filly began flipping immediately following her hopping in the saddle. Apparently this went on […]

Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners sneak peak

Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners due for public release in 2010. Discounted bulk pre-publication orders now being taken.     Chapter Eight Sometimes they’re just plain crazy On occasion, you really do find yourself burdened with a nut. While preliminary bad breaking definitely exacerbates problems, when you strip it all down and finally get […]

Turning Challening Horses into Willing Partners sneak peak book excerpt

Sneak Peak excerpt from Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners. Due for public release in 2010. Horse Sense for sour equines • Rule out physical issues that may be causing pain and the horse’s associated frustration in his failure to communicate. • Do not continue to push a sore horse, or you will only make […]

Horse Sense for encouraging a timid equine

Sneak Peak excerpt from Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners, due for official publication in spring, 2010 • The round pen provides the close quarters to begin to develop a rapport and trust with a timid horse. Here, you can establish some basic body language cues supported with voice commands to present yourself as a […]

Sour horse approaches

Chapter Seven Turning a sour mount There are a number of circumstances that can make a mount sour. One who has been drilled too hard in the arena and given little opportunity to relax in different surroundings can often be transformed by backing off of the flatwork and jumping. Simply choosing a varied routine that […]

Ten Quick Tips for weaning babies

Make sure your foal is ready – just because the calendar says it’s time doesn’t mean the mind is prepared. Know your baby well enough to recognize when he is independent enough to be able to handle separation. If you’re nursing mare is in foal (again), sometimes you need to step up the timeline to […]

Have you learned to be humble with horses?

If you have a thirst for knowledge, horses will teach you a lot. So can equine professionals (and a good number of horsemen who may not be professionals) who get the learning process never ends. Interestingly, it’s usually not the celebrated achievers and gurus who can teach you the most. Sure, they’ve done amazing things […]