Do you know your Western boots?

Know your horse boot differences

Geoff Hineman, Marketing Manager for Lone Star Western Décor, approached me about a month ago asking me to post a western boot infographic on the Horse Sense and Cents blog. Frankly, I don’t have a lot of experience in the Western world (a bit of team penning – now that’s fun! – and a Wyoming […]

Horseback riding quick tips

Today, it seems more people are learning to ride, or trying to compete, without the benefit of lessons . . . So, here are some ideas to consider as you hop aboard without the benefit of eyes on the ground to assess why your horse may be reacting badly to your requests.

What gets you “stuck” with riding?

So often, you hear instructors harping on things like “heels down,” “look up,” “sit back,” “hands still” and a whole range of corrections that focus on how the rider looks. Sadly, most students don’t understand that there’s a much bigger picture to effective riding and these type of directions tend to move a rider further […]