Foals are too much fun

Midge has always been able to time her delivery when she knows I will be around. Last night I was late on my rounds (by about ½ an hour) and missed her birthing (for the first time ever – this is her sixth foal) by probably about four minutes.

Horses (and the dumb things people do with them) will make you laugh

There have been a couple of mornings when the wind is fierce and the temperatures low that all horses are enjoying the comfort inside the run-ins. Most days, though, a number of herd members have decided these new additions to their living quarters are an ideal lavatory. I’m getting ready to hang signs to re-label all the run-ins ‘outhouses.’

Horse memories made a New England Christmas

If you’ve never been to New England, it’s worth the trip. This is a bucolic and beautiful area with architectural wonders that have been preserved for hundreds of years. It seems many towns have great zoning boards in place determined to maintain the character and feel of the area while embracing commerce and growth. Those Christmas card scenes aren’t fake – and they still remain.

Top ten list of dumb things people do to save money with horses

Feeding crap – it might seem like you’re saving money buying grain from a cow mill or throwing hay to a horse that’s dusty, moldy or devoid of nutritional value, but the fact is, your horse’s health – and weight – requires sustenance doses of vitamins, minerals and quality roughage. Forget about the long-term effects of poor feeding practices, you’ll have to spend a lot more trying to have quantity make up for quality and will still suffer from the results.

Ten quick tips for beating the heat with horses

Go swimming. Most horses really enjoy a lake, river or deep pond respite and riding a horse through water deep enough to have their feet leave the ground can be a lot of fun. Just be careful as those legs get moving with dangerous velocity and force. Iif you manage to get one of your body parts in the way you’ll probably break bones. Always keep your legs in front of the shoulder and make sure you’re stable and balanced enough to stay aboard.

15 Quick Tips for horse pasture management

Cull horses into smaller areas and rotate frequently. Schedule a rotation management program that gives pastures enough time to regenerate (depends on area, time of year, number of horses, water, etc.). Mow pastures after moving horses off an area or follow them with livestock (such as cows) that can help manage parasite issues and/or eat […]

Horse Worming – save money and your horse with less

Basically, we decided to stop systematic worming in deference to a plan that is safer for the horses – both now and into the future. Research is increasingly sounding the alarm about parasite resistance to equine products. Studies have shown horses can be kept healthier and infestations better controlled with customized approaches based on manure examination.