More horse blogs worth checking out

It can be tough to find good horse blogs. These are some we recommend you take a look at if you’re interesting in finding news of note. We’ve taken the time to review the sites and provide summaries below.  Hope you enjoy these finds as much as we did. This is a website home […]

World Equestrian Games

This post comes courtesy of Sarah McMullen, who is a super dedicated BOD member of the Irish Draught Horse Society of North America, a gutsy rider who can’t wait to get back in the saddle again after having her broken leg screwed back together and one who has served as a glowing example to reach […]

Who’s horse whispering today without jargon?

Friday’s Opinion I’m a bit on the fence about the proliferation of material being put out there that speaks with buzz words most can’t understand and a conviction that all horses are golden and any problem is human created. Many of these people have achieved a horsemanship understanding few will achieve, but seem to have […]

Going Home

Sometimes it’s nice to simply enjoy the ride. On my return from spending time with family this Christmas, I decided to take a route I hadn’t travelled in years. This brought me up 10 & 202 through Granby, CT – a road we regularly crossed on horseback as kids to get to our favorite ice […]

Horse blogs worth a look

Looking for equine travel vacations? Check out This gal can write. Nancy D. Brown draws her content mostly from personal experience (and an international array of destinations) with no qualms about recounting great memories along with where her trip fell short of expectations. She’s a professional travel writer, and it shows in this blog. […]

Be careful what you wish for from Big Brother

Editor’s Note: We’ve moved our usual Friday opinion piece up to today given the timely and frightening news that passed in a U.S. House subcommittee in recent hours. Friday’s Opinion Raise your hand if you think the government should get involved in the Bute dispute (or any other equine sport issue). Think again. U.S. House […]

Is the horse economy in the tank?

Friday’s Opinion Politics aside, it’s been a challenge for many equine operations focused on commerce and profitability this year. I’ve always been a big believer in attitude shaping results. Collective cries of woe can be even more dangerous than individual negative thinking for your business. Admittedly, this year has been tougher than most for me […]

Quick Tips for selecting an OTT TB

Whether you’re buying or adopting (and if you’re looking for a suitable riding horse, don’t let the heartstring reflex color your decision to be smart and cost-effective with your investment – bad horses cost as much to feed as the good ones and often those donated are discarded for good reason), you can hedge your […]

Is it cruel to give a horse a job? Have you tried asking your horse about that?

Friday’s Opinion Horses’ rights advocates There’s been a lot of discussion and controversy worldwide about a variety of horse riding and working disciplines with some groups clamoring for laws and practices that change the way horses are “used.” PETA is trying to lead a bandwagon aimed at banning carriage horses. Groups fostering a movement to […]