Losing Client or members with your policies?

It’s amazing how many stupid rule decisions get made without considering the associated costs of annoying clients. If you’re an equine professional, selling to the small business market or a horse membership organization decision maker do you think about the customers’ reactions with efficiency or protection ideas? Today’s talkative social media environment demands you confirm […]

Horse Sense offers insight on how not to market equine enterprises

Friday’s Opinion Why do some marketers still feel being an aggressive, hostile and avoided herd member is a good thing? Sadly, the very old-school, two-by-four, forget-about-the-audience culture, sell, sell, sell, in-your-face approach is becoming common on some of the social media sites that used to be immune. How can intimidating your buyers into compliance and/or […]

Find equine businesses in your neighborhood

Tim Van Loan launched www.HorseShoeCorner.com in July of 2008. It’s an interesting concept borne from personal challenges. While he’s still working on gaining critical mass to make it a regular destination for buyers, he has created some useful tools for those tired of trying to compare horse services and products. Horse Sense and Cents for […]

What can horses teach us about Web 2.0?

So, how does this apply to social media (and combating some of the economic challenges the small business and horse industry is facing right now)? If you’re there for others and show you care, they’ll follow you. Those who feel they can bully buyers with manipulative and self-centered approaches may get their way at first, but won’t likely gain a following.

Equine business marketing challenges? Get creative with this link.

This Thursday link pointer/summary includes only a single link (as it will take some time to truly incorporate the opportunities available here) that may seem to have nothing to do with horses. If you sell anything equine to anyone, though, this is great resource for finding excuses to connect with people. It’s a month-by-month breakdown […]

Horse blogs worth checking out

http://matureriders.blogspot.com Paul Sherland does this for pure fun – and it shows. I don’t agree with his benchmark for mature riders  (over forty years old – I resemble that remark, but sure don’t consider myself mature), but he does offer some great input on equipment, mindset, activities and tips for older riders who may have […]

Horse blogs worth checking out

As noted earlier this month, we’re going to devote Thursdays featuring horse blogs we’ve found interesting, useful or curious for as long as you give us ideas to consider. We’ll provide a brief summary (with some opinion) and pointer to those we highlight. If you have a horse blog you like, or want us to […]

How frightening is full-disclosure with horse businesses?

Do you try to provide your equine clients/prospects with all the information you have on a horse/program/product/service or do you prefer to operate from a “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” perspective? Granted, with horses, sometimes they will live up to your expectations, so approaching them with a clean slate, so to speak, can […]

Horse Blogs that offer some Horse Sense and Cents

Long before we began to formulate how to best focus the Horse Sense and Cents™ blog, we set out to find what others were doing. While, admittedly, tech savvy isn’t our strongpoint, it was incredibly challenging finding blogs that provided useful, consistent, interesting and relevant equine material. We signed up for all kinds of Google […]

Horses and customer service – Think about it

I received a letter today that began with the following: At MVP Health Care, we strive to provide you with the best customer service and the highest quality benefit plans. Enclosed is a Notice of Discontinuance, effective January 1, 2010 for your group coverage with MVP Health Plan Inc (MVP). Huh? I won’t go into […]