Horse women of WHIA are incredible

The comical scenarios began before the event when an exhibitor showed up with a 700 LB horse (it might have been easier getting him into the place if he was live – he wasn’t).

Horse Sense and Cents™ is now on Facebook

This is new territory. So, any help readers can lend in offering ideas for what you want to see there, commenting on the posts, offering ideas to improve the experience or just popping in to see what we’re trying to do would be much appreciated. If you want to check it out, it’s at

Horse businesses should take lessons from others’ brilliance

“It’s the economy, stupid,” is a refrain that’s been going on for too long. Either you’re a victim or one who believes you have the power to shape your outcomes. Funny thing is, you don’t hear how troublesome the economy is from horse businesses that are thriving. Doesn’t that make you wonder what they’re doing to prosper when everyone else seems to be merely struggling to survive?

Horse sense rules: when scripts for success aren’t working, stop the stupidity

Of course, almost every business-savvy multiple-horse-owner who has engaged vendors for training find themselves stuck with a bill that delivers a horse that is not only ill-prepared for the stated job request, but also set back by human mistakes made in the ‘schooling’ process, ONCE. What really puzzles me is why there are so many who go back for more.

Horse conference brought women businesses together in Kentucky

Last week, I had the pleasure of heading down to The Bluegrass State for an event designed for women with equine-related companies. What struck me is how kind, open and inviting most of the attendees of this gathering sponsored by the Women’s Horse Industry Association were.

Social media marketing could use a dose of horse sense

If you seek to eke out any portion of your living from horse related activities and believe tactics that alienate your prospects or clients are effective, or embrace the latest horse training fad or fetish thinking your credibility will be enhanced (with both equines and people), think again.

Do what you love – love what you do

  Guest post from Alli Farkas Note from Nanette: I approached Alli asking if she’d like to guest post on this blog because I was impressed with her story, have known a lot of artists who struggle and found her pricing for customized equine portraits to be very reasonable. Her services seem appealing to the […]