Alpha sneak peak excerpt from Chapter Five

Overwhelmed and cagey Rosie spent two days at the racetrack after being “broke” at a distant farm. She wheeled about thirty times in a single trip jogging around a half-mile training track, terrified of oncoming traffic and the scene that presented itself to this unprepared, frenzied baby. At Thoroughbred racetracks, generally jogging (or trotting) horses […]

Athlete baby of the decade returns as bronc champ re-break

Jay merits mention in both our Turning Challenging Horses and Don’t Get Thrown Starting Horses Under Saddle books because she was a dual challenge that came to Halcyon Acres for initial starting (which wasn’t completed) and then back to fix her subsequent, learned talent for unloading riders at another farm that tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to […]

Alphas provide the biggest challenge and greatest joy

Some of the toughest fought battles are the most rewarding. Interestingly, it seems the most determined cases, able and willing to wear you out to the point of giving up, acquiesce right about the time you’re ready to walk away. These are almost always Alphas and will make you earn their respect — with the bruises to prove it.

Turning mean to green

Most mean horses are smart. They’ve learned, through ongoing

provocation, to terrorize human counterparts who have

taught them to resent training.

Scared horses understood

Chapter Three Working with scared horses Horses who have learned to view human contact with terror are relatively easy to reach with a patient, consistent, and confident approach. It takes time, but teaching these over-reactive mounts to calm down and gain courage is certainly doable if the handler offers assurance through kind, safe, and steady […]

Excerpt from Turning Challenging Horses Into Willing Partners

Most of the prior book excerpts featured on this blog were culled from Section Three, Tips from the Trenches. These snipets spotlighted perspectives, tips and stories from a variety of trainers from a diverse array of disciplines. In the coming weeks, we’ll feature the stories of real horses and how challenges were met and resolved […]

What you’ll find in Turning Challenging Horses Into Willing Partners

Excerpt from Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners due for release winter, 2010 Table of Contents Glossary Section I: Starting from a position of knowledge Chapter 1: The Challenge Chapter 2: Identifying the root of the challenge Section II: Developing a work plan Chapter 3: Working with scared horses Chapter 4: Turning mean to green […]

Preface to first Horse Sense and Cents book title

This is a sneak peak excerpt from the first title of the Horse Sense and Cents series title, Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners, due for public release in February, 2010. PREFACE There’s something to be said for learning from the wisdom — and mistakes — forged by others before you. The Horse Sense and […]

Fleur Bryan offers colorful Irish perspective

Excerpt from Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners due for release winter, 2010 Handling the crazies “I spend a lot of time bonding with any horse, but especially one that has been started badly. I’ve had some that are so messed up you can’t even catch them in the stall. I’ll stand in the corner […]

Finding and making Grand Prix jumpers

Excerpt from Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners due for release winter, 2010 Hunter Challenge “Some show hunters are better if they never see the ring. Others won’t jump the third fence if they don’t get in and hack around. Both can be winners. The one that’s the innate jumper, the one that likes to […]