Eleven Quick Tips for dealing with alpha horses

Alpha mares and fillies can present some interesting challenges where training and handling are concerned. They also become some of the most loyal high achievers you’ll ever encounter if you learn how to reach them. All seem to have heart beyond the norm, smarts and a wilfulness about them that will test your fortitude. Try […]

Alpha Mares – how do you define them?

I’ve seen a lot of chatter – and some interesting convictions – concerning the alpha equine. Some base their comments on alleged scientific fact culled from published and apparently credible herd observer gurus and others either expound on what they’ve been told or make it up as they go. Admittedly, I’ve logged many years as […]

Alpha sneak peak excerpt from Chapter Five

Overwhelmed and cagey Rosie spent two days at the racetrack after being “broke” at a distant farm. She wheeled about thirty times in a single trip jogging around a half-mile training track, terrified of oncoming traffic and the scene that presented itself to this unprepared, frenzied baby. At Thoroughbred racetracks, generally jogging (or trotting) horses […]

Athlete baby of the decade returns as bronc champ re-break

Jay merits mention in both our Turning Challenging Horses and Don’t Get Thrown Starting Horses Under Saddle books because she was a dual challenge that came to Halcyon Acres for initial starting (which wasn’t completed) and then back to fix her subsequent, learned talent for unloading riders at another farm that tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to […]

Alphas provide the biggest challenge and greatest joy

Some of the toughest fought battles are the most rewarding. Interestingly, it seems the most determined cases, able and willing to wear you out to the point of giving up, acquiesce right about the time you’re ready to walk away. These are almost always Alphas and will make you earn their respect — with the bruises to prove it.

Is being the boss really the best way with horses?

Friday’s Opinion I’ve seen so much written lately about how critical it is to “be the boss” with your horse. Granted, I don’t have a degree in horse psychology, nor do I have the learned qualifications of some who have studied the horse brain and journals extensively, but I’ve sure had a chance to watch […]

Horse comedian of the week

Clover is a three-year-old Irish Draught Sport Horse filly. She’s always been precocious, a bit belligerent and an extreme athlete. This year, she effectively challenged her mother (who may school her after her current foal is weaned) and a newcomer last year to serve as the new herd leader. We started her under saddle this […]