As noted earlier this month, we’re going to devote Thursdays featuring horse blogs we’ve found interesting, useful or curious for as long as you give us ideas to consider. We’ll provide a brief summary (with some opinion) and pointer to those we highlight. If you have a horse blog you like, or want us to take a look at what you’re doing, we’ll consider featuring your suggestion in the future.
A relatively new blog, this site seems to involve a lot of stream of consciousness content, but also addresses some issues and provides resources for those focused on the dressage discipline. Visitor input is welcome and encouraged and the author seems willing to address concerns with future blog posts.
Doug Emerson is focused on the sense and cents of professional industry endeavors and horse ownership. He provides issues to consider when emotion can get in the way of making smart business decisions and is also starting to add some affiliate recommendations for tools to help those in the horse industry manage their business more effectively. He also offers a free newsletter at
This gal is a great writer, artful in her presentation and good about supplementing blog content with pictures and video. Frankly, I disagree with much of what she heralds as gospel (she’s a strong believer in applying dog training precepts to horses), but she presents it so well, it’s hard not to get engaged given her enthusiasm and conviction. She admits she’s a college student, but given the maturity of her thoughts, posts and presentation, I suspect she’s a student that took some time off to learn from life. Even if you are not an advocate of training horses with treats and excessive stimuli, it’s worth checking out her blog to learn how to present in a convincing and effective manner.

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the review! And thanks for commenting on my blog. I will post a link to your blog, as well. It seems as if we are developing quite the equestrian blog community! 🙂

    1. Mary,

      You’re welcome.

      There seems to be such a need for an easier way to find good eqine blogs. I look forward to any input on how to help make this so.

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