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Paul Sherland does this for pure fun – and it shows. I don’t agree with his benchmark for mature riders  (over forty years old – I resemble that remark, but sure don’t consider myself mature), but he does offer some great input on equipment, mindset, activities and tips for older riders who may have come to recognize they can be vulnerable and are now focused a wee bit on safety vs. bravado.  He’s also put the word out seeking guest contributors, so if you have something valuable to share, take a look at what he’s doing and consider contacting him with your idea for a post.

Katherine Blocksdorf has created a blog here that offers brief tips and/or pointers to equine ideas or issues. She posts regularly and most of what she talks about will appeal to a very broad audience. This one is worth taking a look at for the things you never thought about factor. It’s not a training blog, but more a listing of ideas and resources you may not have considered as you accommodate your horse (or personal attire).

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