Have you found a great horse blog? We’ll feature them on Thursdays for the next month. What’s your favorite?

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When I first started trying to find useful and relevant equine blogs, I had a tough time locating smart, useful and interesting material through the traditional google searches, blog list giants and standard search tools. So, I got busy putting out queries to groups, listserves, LinkedIn communities and other online devices to see if I could uncover some hidden gems. Well, I was amazed by how much is out there once I started a more personal inquiry process.

For the next month, we’ll feature links and summaries to unusual and/or standout equine blogs with summaries, pointers and comment on the material. Do you have a favorite horse blog? Let us know and we’ll consider spotlighting it in a future Thursday blog post.

Nanette Levin, publisher

Horse Sense and Cents book series

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