Top 25 horse blogs 2012 – Horse Sense and Cents recognized

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Some exciting news for us – and hopefully for the readers of this blog. Recently we were named one of the top horse blogs with 25 others in the nation by Bel Rea. You can see the top 25 list here (we’re in some pretty good company).

veterinary tech school

Just figured I’d share the news. I’ll probably revisit this later, but, frankly, needed to get the badge up to grab the imagine for a project we’re working on.

Thanks for all you’ve done to support this blog and other activities associated with Horse Sense and Cents. You all are so special and clearly a big reason for being noticed as one of the top horse blogs.


Nanette Levin

Nanette Levin is a writer, author and equestrian specializing in young horse training and horses with issues. Look for Horse Sense & Cents titles on Amazon, Audible and other major online retailers.

5 thoughts on “Top 25 horse blogs 2012 – Horse Sense and Cents recognized

  1. Thanks so much Lisa, Carol and Linda for your kind words. It’s been an interesting journey. That blog post may need to be put on hold for a little while, Lisa, but it’s a great idea.

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