Jutta Heinsohn’s dressage horse training perspective

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Excerpt from Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners due for release January, 2010

“Even a professional is faced with situations that require trial and error. The difference between a professional and an amateur is normally the arsenal of information, experience, and techniques available to pull from. While many of the techniques are available to learn about in books, there is no substitute for application and practice … trial and error … you’ll try a technique; it doesn’t work, you try another.

“There are many artificial aids and devices available to a horseman or woman today, and I suppose if you are looking for shortcuts, or a faster road to conclusion, there are some that are quite useful. I strongly believe there is no substitution for solid knowledge and natural, or learned, abilities. This includes a balance of timing and strength, an ability to read the horse’s body language, and the insight to respond quickly and appropriately enough to change the horse’s path while always providing
him the opportunity to make the right choice!”

About Jutta Heinsohn
While Jutta’s dressage credentials place her in a highly respected group of trainers in the United States, she’s spent the better part of her life using her expertise to retrain troubled horses,
start young horses, and fix horses that have been damaged or misunderstood by others. Humbled often by the extraordinary reward that bringing a rehabilitated horse back into the competitive arena provides, Jutta continues her efforts on behalf of the horse and the rider who is eager to learn.
Jutta takes a balanced approach to the horse-rider collaboration and their respective needs. She works with individual horses and clients on their goals, striving to reach those aims in a harmonic partnership. This philosophy allows Jutta’s clients — both horse and rider — to advance quickly and happily.
At the end of 2002, Jutta became a United States citizen. Along with the pride associated with this designation, it’s also opened previously closed equine competitive doors that remained elusive in the prior century.


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