Excerpt from Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners due for release winter, 2010

Long lining: “Long lining is an amazing tool that I use with every

horse that comes through my program.”

Round pen: “I use a round pen occasionally when I have a horse

come in that has respect issues and needs to learn about ‘my

space, your space’ commands and demands.”

Free Jumping: “I like to teach all young horses to free jump

loose before jumping under saddle. This allows them to figure

out their own balance and stride while jumping, before dealing

with a rider’s weight and balance.”

Turnout and nutrition: “I am a strong believer in lots of turnout

and a very good nutritional program. A happy, well-fed horse is

much more willing to cooperate than a horse that is unhappy,

hungry, or has excess energy.”

Handling: “The people that handle the horses on a daily basis

are incredibly important to the horses’ overall happiness. If

you have staff that are afraid of the horses, or are too aggressive

with them, this can greatly affect their daily behavior, especially

as young, impressionable horses.

“Herd mechanics are key as well. If you have a horse that is

being a bully to humans, if you get them in the right group and

have another alpha that can put him in his place, it can help

with his training and overall confidence. You do have to be

careful with this, as you certainly don’t want any of the horses

to get hurt either.”

About Claire Hunter

Claire Hunter specializes in backing and starting young horses,

and retraining problem horses. After working at other equine

establishments, she recognized there was a need for a service to

bridge the gap between breeders and the show ring. From there,

Braecrest Stables was created.

Claire is an active member of the Toronto North York Hunt

Club, Canadian Equestrian Federation, the Ontario Equestrian

Federation, and the Canadian Sport Horse Association. She

spent two years at Openwood Farm backing and training Thoroughbred racehorses and field hunters prior to starting her own business, where she serves as owner and trainer at Braecrest Stables in Loretto, Ontario, Canada.

Claire was a guest speaker at the Ontario Equestrian Federation

Annual Conference in 2008, with a seminar entitled “You

don’t need to be a superstar to be a success.”

Claire Hunter

Loretto, Ontario


(705) 435-0330

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