Some time ago Jackie Anton announced her plans for a book blog tour. Honestly, although this is something I’ve heard of, I didn’t have prior experience as a direct participant. Regardless, it seemed right to respond to her call for help as a fellow horse enthusiast and author.

 Backyard Horse Tales: Sox

I read the book Backyard Horse Tales: Sox, which is the subject of this tour, with plans to provide a review as part of this post. What I realized is it’s been too long since I’ve read a children’s book to provide fair commentary. Well that’s not entirely true as I decided it was time when book five or six in the Harry Potter series came out to find out what the buzz was about – and thoroughly enjoyed escaping to Hogwarts and the world of magic through each Rowling gem. Anton’s book, though, is clearly designed for a much younger audience.


That said, the book is a quick read for an adult at about 100 pages of large point type. It also includes an Appendix showing the parts of the horse with an illustration and corresponding numbers, a Glossary and a history summary about the sport of reigning. The tale is told with Sox (the horse) as the narrator with interspersed diary entries from Emma (a young girl who develops an attachment to this horse) offering her perspective on the unfolding events.

Tour Stops

We’re the last stop on the book blog tour, but I thought some of you might like to check out who else was slated to participate (many committed but did not deliver so don’t spend too much time searching for the review if you don’t see it close to the top). There are some good sites on the list, most with a book review focus:

May 14th  Book Lover Stop – did not participate

May 15th The Devotional Thoughts

May 16th  Book Reviews, Fiction Reflections, N’More

May 17th Tom Mach’s Blog – did not participate

May 18th Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog – long author interview

May 19th Pretty Opinionated

May 20th Writing From the Right Side of the Stall

May 21st Live and Dream a Little Dream 

May 22nd Thrice the Mischief, 3 times the love  (general site address – story not published at time of this writing).

May 23rd Horse Sense and Cents – you’re here :-).

About Jackie Anton, the author:

Jackie Anton writes a family friendly series “Backyard Horse Tales.” (readers 8 to adult) Sox 2nd Edition expands Sox and Emma’s story, and has a brand new ending. This version is enjoying excellent early reviews. Purchase at #2 “Frosty and the Nightstalker” will be out by fall of 2012. “Prelude: Backyard Horse Tales 3 Don’t Call Me Love is an E-Book available on and

You can also find Jackie at:



Let’s do this!

While the book blog tour concept has been around for quite some time, you rarely see it in the equine industry. I think it’s a great idea not only for book promotion, but to bring attention to anything you’re doing that might be of interest to others in a wider geographic area. Do any of you have something you want to shout about that would be of interest to other blog readers or publishers? It need not be something you’re selling – why not c0nsider accomplishments, dreams and milestones too? Favorite equine blogs? Sites you think might be interested in sampling and reviewing horse related products, services and businesses? Something you’d like to read more about to help you, your horse or your business thrive? This could be a lot of fun for everyone involved and a valuable service to the readers. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, or feel free to send a private e-mail, if you prefer.


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