Horse Sense and Cents® offers a variety of book lengths and topics for those who prefer listening to reading. These range from training tips and success story secrets to creative equine job ideas and horse personality type issue solutions.

Please note, book lengths vary. The Turning book is a full length title with about five hours of listening time. The Inventing Your Horse Career & 5 Easy Ideas titles are approximately one hour long. The Alpha, OTTB and First Off the Property Ride run 1/2 hour or so in length.

Current titles include:

Turning Challenging Horses Into Willing Partners Audiobook

Turning Challenging Horses Into Willing Partners

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An engaging, fun and instructional guide with practical ideas to solve even the most frustrating equine problems. This personable handbook illustrates how to get smart, safe and creative when working with your horse. The tips and stories are designed to help you learn how to listen to your horse and craft a communications and training plan he will embrace. It’s appropriate for novices and professionals alike. Through real-world case studies, you’ll discover “problem horses” are often created by humans. With a keen eye and a responsive attitude, most can communicate effectively with a horse. In the tips from the professional trenches section, international experts from a variety of disciplines offer opinions, stories, insight and ideas for turning difficult horses into eager pleasers and exceptional performers. Readers will enjoy experiencing these true stories, putting the tips into action, and turning their horses into willing and able partners.

Reaching Alpha Horses audiobook

Reaching Alpha Horses: convincing alpha horses to cooperate through trust to create amazing partnerships

Challenged with an alpha horse that seems to be fighting you instead of cooperating? You can reach these horses and form incredible partnerships with some easy-to-implement ideas to build rapport and understanding. Since each horse is different, this audiobook offers you tips for customizing an approach to bridge a bond only you can experience with your special equine companion. Verbal illustrations of young-horse-training cases with alpha fillies and mares helps show you what can work, and why – along with what didn’t. Also included is a final list of things to consider when working with alpha horses for easy reference, and reminders.

Bringing home an off-the-track Thoroughbred

Bringing home an off-the-track Thoroughbred

Although Thoroughbreds are hot-blooded, most are pretty calm and easy going when asked to do a job off the track, provided they get enough exercise. Where the problems arise is when people don’t understand how racers have been trained and handled. Often OTTBs are merely responding to what they think the rider wants from the cues he is given. With some smart handling and knowledge, most people can enjoy Thoroughbreds as steady, safe and responsive companions in just about any industry discipline. This short audiobook will help you develop an effective plan for transitioning a former racer to a new job while helping you recognize certain cues may get the opposite response of what you want and how to work around these challenges.

young horse training tips for the trail at

Preparing You and Your Horse for the First off-the-property Ride

Reduce your horse’s stress – and yours – with smart ideas you can apply at home to get ready for an initial show, community ride, trip to an instructor’s facility or hopeful fun time with friends.

It can be nerve-wracking for anyone (professionals included) to venture off the property with a horse for the first time. This becomes more challenging for novices who don’t have the benefit of drawing from decades of experience.

Know you’re not alone – everyone has some doubts, anxiety and excitement associated with that first public appearance. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do at home to make this premiere event comfortable and fun for you and your horse. This short book will help you devise a thoughtful and effective plan to help make your first off-the-property excursion more fun with fewer surprises.

Inventing Your Horse Career

Inventing Your Horse Career can be so much fun at

Mary Ann Simonds: Inventing Your Horse Career (Book 1)

Inventing Your Horse Career is a resource and collaborative initiative designed to help you pursue your equine job passion with fun and flair. We’ve tapped into the knowledge and generosity of those who have forged the horse career success trail impressively to help you gain insight from experience and lessons learned, sometimes the hard way. These titles are about a one-hour listen each.

We don’t feature standard career paths and media darlings, but instead offer unusual people, perspectives and solutions for keeping the horse in the mix as you plan for a comfortable living. Featured content ranges from prototyping, manufacturing and promoting to media reporting, not-for-profit management and a variety of horse and people training approaches. Already available as a CD package, we’re in the process of making each individual CD available as an MP3 download that can be purchased at your favorite online retail resource.

This first audio title in the Inventing Your Horse Career series has been enhanced from the original CD package for Audible listeners. It’s an interview with internationally renowned animal behaviorist, Mary Ann Simonds.

LA Pomeroy: Inventing Your Horse Career (Book 3)

L.A. Pomeroy is an award-winning journalist (2010 AHP Best Freelance Equestrian Journalist, 2008 AHP Best Feature finalist), publicist, internet radio co-host, and equinista specializing in equestrian culture/lifestyle, fashion/design, art/collectibles. She also serves as Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) media liaison, and has gained exceptional experience in Olympic Equestrian sports history and trivia working for the U.S. Equestrian Team (now-USEF), earning respected, trusted connections over the decades with the uppermost echelons of the international equestrian industry. Her specialty is crafting timely, compelling writing with a twist, targeted to engage the equine investor/reader and bridge the divide between the horse industry and modern world.

If you’re not ready to invest in the entire CD series, but are interested in hearing what L.A. has to say (or know someone considering a media career with horses in the mix that would relish her wisdom, insight and guidance to avoid lessons learned the hard way), this title will provide some motivating ideas to get you moving in your quest toward Inventing Your Horse Career.

Christy Landwehr: Inventing Your Horse Career (Book 4)

This Audbile title comes from the Inventing Your Horse Career series, an enlightening and entertaining equine audio experience developed by Horse Sense and Cents®. In this book, you’ll enjoy tips, ideas and stories provided by the Chief Executive Officer of the Certified Horsemanship Association, Christy Landwehr. This material has been drawn from the original 9 CD package.

Denny Emerson: Inventing Your Horse Career 

Learn from this acclaimed equestrian who will be turning 80 next year and is still hopping on horses. He’s the only rider to have won both an international gold medal in eventing a Tevis Cup buckle in endurance. He was named the United States Eventing Association’s Rider of the year in 1972 and was a member of the United States Three Day Eventing Team that won the gold medal at the 1974 Eventing World Championships. Today he manages, teaches, and trains at facilities in Vermont and North Carolina with his wife, May, under the Tamarack Hill Farms moniker.

Come listen to him talk about his perspectives on how things have changed since his days of riding ponies all over the countryside, what he’s learned over the decades about best-practices in the equine industry and why he’s still focused on reaching out to novice and amateur riders at the facilities he calls home.

Bob Jeffreys & Suzanne Sheppard: Inventing Your Horse Career 

This audio book comes from the Inventing Your Horse Career Series, an enlightening and entertaining equine audio experience developed by Horse Sense and Cents®. In this title, you’ll enjoy tips, ideas and stories provided by Bob Jeffreys and Suzanne Sheppard, founders of Two as One Horsemanship®. This material has been drawn from the original 9 CD series package.

Young Horse Training Tips Book One - 5 easy tips for riding success

5 Easy Ideas to Keep Your Horse Happy (Young Horse Training Tips Book 1)

5 Ideas to Keep Your Horse Happy: 5 tips to make young horse training easier while creating better bonds, trust and results (Young Horse Training Tips Book 1). This book is focused primarily on things to do to ensure you prepare your horse wisely for starting under saddle. This includes a bonus chapter on cost-effective fencing solutions. Listen time is approximately one hour.