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Challenging_color_smallTurning Challenging Horses Into Willing Partners

Turning Challenging Horses into Willing Partners is a refreshing book written in an honest and straightforward fashion that many riders will appreciate. It starts off exploring the challenges horses present, and their root causes, and goes on to explain how to deal with those common issues. Included are tips from top professionals such as Denny Emerson, Jutta Heinsohn and Kels Bonham …”

Book Review from Equine Wellness magazine

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“I couldn’t put this book down!  Nanette Levin’s fresh approach and keen horse sense helps the reader demystify a horse’s reaction to its challenges in life, creating a common sense direction to training. . . . Do yourself, and your horse, a favor and read this book from cover to cover.”

Linda (Rabideau) Rubin
Past President, New England Appaloosa Racing Association


“This book is refreshingly void of any ego bolstering frills and endless ‘tooting my own horn’ anecdotes. I really like it. Horse training is not rocket science, but requires a good knowledge of the nature of horses. Nanette Levin captured this very well and I like the solutions. Actually, I will surely try a few.”

Stefanie Reinhold
Equine massage/body work therapist


“Turning Challenging Horses Into Willing Partners, is a must read for the horse owner, novice or professional. . . . Whether you are searching for insight into how to handle new behaviors your horse is showing you, or like me, you are always on the look-out to increase awareness or gain understanding of horse conduct and training methods, this easy to read guide provides sound techniques and sensible suggestions to address these issues.”

Katelyn Kent
Horse trainer and clinician

An engaging, fun, and instructional guide with practical ideas to solve even the most frustrating equine problems

In this personable guide, equine professional Nanette Levin illustrates how to get smart, safe and creative when working with your horse. Her positive advice – from how to listen to your horse to crafting a communications and training plan he will embrace – is appropriate for novices and professionals alike. Through real-world case studies, Levin demonstrates that “problem horses” are often created by humans, and shows how, with a keen eye and a responsive attitude, anyone can communicate effectively with his horse.

In the Tips from the Professional Trenches section, international experts from a variety of disciplines offer opinions, stories, insight and ideas for turning difficult horses into eager pleasers and exceptional performers.

Readers will enjoy experiencing these true stories, putting the tips into action, and turning their horses into willing and able partners.

ISBN: 978-1-61548-047-0

Trade soft cover, 163 pages, $19.99, Includes index and glossary

Call (540) 400-7106 or e-mail for as customized signed-by-author copy to give as a gift or keep for yourself. Books are also available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble and through Ingram, B & T, your local library (ask them to order it if it’s not in their catalog).

Upcoming Titles:

Rob_Fall_2008_008croppeddsBringing Up Baby, by Robert Fera

Robert Fera is one of the most respected nutritional, health, training and issue experts in his geographical (Canadian) area when it comes to foals and broodmares. Vets seek his consult regularly when facing challenges with client horses. This book addresses foal care from pre-natal through 18-months. Whether you are expecting your first foal, or are a seasoned professional breeder, the tips, tools, charts, experiences and ideas in this book can help you alleviate stress and problems as you learn to raise a happier and healthier foal. Easy to understand and implement processes along with a good deal of first-hand stories will guide you to answers for your particular state. Gain global perspectives from others with different expertise concerning foals in the “Tips from the professional trenches” section featuring interviews with noted professionals from other countries and disciplines. Keep this book in your foal kit, in your office and on your desk as a handy and useful reference tool as you birth, raise, train and strive to better understand the needs of your foal.

Don’t Get Thrown Starting Under Saddle, by Nanette Levin

Starting a horse under saddle can be confusing – and painful – whether you’re tackling the challenge for the first time, or are a seasoned professional. This book is designed to provide ideas, tips, lessons learned and creative approaches to make the process easier and more fun for both the humans and horses involved in this training step. Filled with rich anecdotal material that spotlights both the equine and trainer revelations with some notable characters likely to make you laugh out loud and cry at times, the book is designed to help you learn from the successes and mistakes borne from experience. Tips on making the backing process easier with smart groundwork, dealing with particular personality issues and exploring customized approaches to get your equine project enthusiastic about training are all part of the mix. The “Tips from the professional trenches” section provides interesting perspectives from subject professionals residing in a variety of cultures and countries. This is a fun read that will even appeal to those who have never encountered a live horse.