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Keeping the horse in the conversation

If you’re looking for fun, smart, affordable and easy-to-implement ideas for better horse encounters, you’re going to enjoy your time here. Caring professionals from around the globe have contributed to offer exciting, revealing, honest and inspiring content with fresh perspectives on equine training, business success, lessons learned, horse care and ideas to uncover what it is your horse is trying to tell you.

Too much focus these days is put on making the horse (or person) do what you want. Imagine how much richer your partnerships could become once you learn how to listen.

Our material is presented in a way easy enough for a novice to understand with a deep insight that professionals appreciate. Enjoy our print, Kindle/Nook and audio titles designed to help you discover a better way to tackle horse care, young horse training and the relationship you seek with your horse. If you dream of a job that includes horses, you’ll find new ways to make this so with our Inventing Your Horse Career series.

nanette levin

Meet Nanette Levin

“Keeping the horse in the conversation” has been Nanette’s mission for more than three decades. As a horse trainer, breeder, 100+ acre equine facility owner & manager and author of many equine books, she continues to help people listen to what the horse is trying to tell them. Mostly, it’s about finding better ways to connect with your horse so you both have more fun. 

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