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  • Horse humor – add jokes for us all to enjoy

    Find horse humor, young horse training tips and more at http://HorseSenseAndCents.com

    Pro Equine Grooms did a fun feature (apparently four years ago, but I just saw the repost recently) with a starter question “What’s your best bad joke about horses?” Liv Gude offered her horse  humor – “A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says ‘why the long face’?”. What resulted were some hilarious replies to the challenge. Below are two of my favorites. Provided by Vickie Bullock Cozzens Champion Jockey on a New Horse A champion jockey is about…

  • What is ground work with horse training?

    Learn what ground work is and how easy it is to apply to any horse training goal at http://HorseSenseAndCents.com

    From the way some present it, you’d think good horse training ground work requires a deep knowledge of trick training, horse whispering (a misnomer for sure), professional stature or hundreds of hours in planned activity. Nope. All you really need is common sense mixed with a bit of horse sense. That’s something that can be applied by novices and, sadly, isn’t always by those calling themselves professionals. Effective ground work – particularly when you’re focused on young horse training –…

  • Triple Crown Trivia

    American Pharoah and Triple Crown Trivia at Horse Sense and Cents

    Sure, this year’s Triple Crown is old news for most, but I’m not quite ready to let go of a victory that was 37 years in the making. So, if you’re in the mood to let this high continue, you’ll enjoy the bit of fun history below. Honestly, after so many disappointments, I didn’t see American Pharoah as a contender. With stud rights sold to ensure his racing career will end at the tender age of 3, the finish line…

  • Young Horse Training Tip #4: Pasture time is training strategy

    Young Horse Training Tips from http://HorseSenseAndCents.com

    It’s not fair to expect a young horse to be focused on your requests if he’s not allowed time to kick up his heels. A tiny paddock available through the back stall door isn’t enough. If your horse is at your home, there are many ways you can design space with what you have. Sometimes you can do this at a boarding facility too. Any good young horse training strategy must include time for your baby to kick up his…