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  • Do you know your Western boots?

    Know your horse boot differences

    Geoff Hineman, Marketing Manager for Lone Star Western Décor, approached me about a month ago asking me to post a western boot infographic on the Horse Sense and Cents blog. Frankly, I don’t have a lot of experience in the Western world (a bit of team penning – now that’s fun! – and a Wyoming client roundup ride – but that’s about it), so found what I learned from this visual interesting. Hopefully some of you will too. To boot…

  • How horses teach us what therapists can’t

    Find equine assisted therapy ideas and examples in this Ash Stevens guest post at http://HorseSenseAndCents.com

    Thanks to Ash Stevens for providing this guest post. Find out more about her at the bottom of this article. Enjoy. Winston Churchill said, “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” And don’t we know it. Much of the world has forgotten about the power of the horse with the craziness of modern life, but there have always been families holding tightly onto the legacy of the horse. This has also made them more necessary…

  • Don’t want to say goodbye to your horse? 9 horse care cost reduction tips

    Horse care cost reduction tipsst saving tips.

    Sometimes, a little creativity can reduce your horse costs dramatically. We all face unexpected challenges that cause us to start considering the worst when money problems surface, but there are some easy ways to keep your horse happy and healthy without breaking the bank. Consider these nine horse care cost reduction tips before you decide to say goodbye. If he’s still an important part of your life and you have the time to spend with him to prove that’s so,…

  • Sometimes saying goodbye to your horse is the right thing to do

    Finding the right new home for your horse friend can be a struggle

    When I was a kid, I had a pony. She was my second. The first was banned from Pony Club games and ultimately riding where he was boarded. We donated him to an elite private school (would have enjoyed seeing the first day they threw one of the little darlings aboard). Bittersweet was incredible. She took care of me as we spent hours doing dumb things in the woods and streams and sand dunes (our moniker – this was actually…